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1 Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Razi University, 6714967346 Kermanshah, Iran

2 Environmental Research Center, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran


The Arsanjan county has various habitat types (grasslands, mountains, rocky and shrubbery areas) that is located northeast of Fars Province, Iran. The herpetofauna of Arsanjan county is unclear and there is no biosystematic study so far. The aim of the present study is to investigate the lizard’s fauna of Arsanjan. The study area is located between the coordinates as follow: 29°38' _ 30°00' N and 53°07' _ 53°43' E. All the specimens were collected in different regions of Arsanjan county during this survey from 2018 to 2020. Specimens were identified according to the valuable resources. The collected specimens represented ten species, nine genera and four families including: Large scaled rock agama (Laudakia nupta), Brilliant ground agama (Trapelus agilis) and Horny scaled agama (Trapelus ruderatus) (Agamidae); Keeled rock gecko (Cytopodion scabrum) (Gekkonidae); Snake-eyed Lizard (Ophisops elegans), Persian long tailed lizard (Mesalina watsonana), Persian racerunner (Eremias persica) and Zagrosian lizard (Timon princeps) (Lacertidae); Schneider Skink (Eumeces schneiderii) and southern grass skink (Heremites septemtaeniatus) (Scincidae). Among the identified species Timon princeps is a new record from the area.


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